Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Color Block Necklace: Tutorial

There's something SO simple about dressing up an outfit with a fun statement necklace.

There's something SO annoying about spending $30 or more on that cute statement necklace.

Why not make your own?!

(Disclaimer:  I cannot take full credit for this necklace idea.  I found a tutorial a long time ago for it, and I cannot find it ANYWHERE now.  I would love to give credit where it's due so let me know if you know where to find the original tutorial!)

1.  Supplies:  Wooden square dowels (Wal-Mart), string (Wal-Mart?? I think mine is braiding cord found in the kid's craft section), spray paint, sandpaper, saw (I used a jig-saw, but you could easily use a hand saw), and a drill.
2.  Decide how long you want your dowels to be and mark the lengths for each piece.  My longest dowel is 4 inches long, the next length is 3 1/2 inches, the third length is 3 inches, the fourth is 2 5/8 inches, and the last is 2 5/8 inches.  (NO idea why I chose the length progression...)  Get creative here.  I'm pretty sure keeping them all the same length would look great!!  I wanted nine total pieces in my necklace.
3.  Next, saw each piece to the length you marked.  SAFETY peeps:  protective eyewear, closed toed shoes, gloves... Ok, now you can't blame me for not telling you! Whew.

4.  Smooth off the splintery pieces and sharp corners by rubbing the wood pieces on sandpaper.
5.  After sanding...
6.  Line up pieces in order.. you may want to sand some down a little more in case the matching piece ended up shorter.

7.  With the tops of the wooden pieces lined up, mark a dot where you will drill your hole.
8.  I used the second smallest drill bit size we had (not sure of a number or name for it...) to make the hole that will be used to string the pieces together.  Just make sure the necklace string you chose will fit in the hole.
9.  You will have to sand off some splinters after drilling.

10.   Once again, make sure everything lines up.
11.  Using dropcloth or cardboard, lay out your pieces.  Spray first with the gold spray paint (Gold by Krylon).  The metallic colors cover very well and dry fast so you may only need to do one coat.  Make sure you flip the pieces over once they are dry to cover the back of the pieces.
12.  Once the gold paint is dry, cover the top of each piece with painters tape.  Make sure each piece is covered with the same amount (length) so the second color is coated in a straight line.  I used Seafoam by Rustoleum.  Once the pieces are painted and dried, remove the painters tape and string the pieces in order.  I tied a knot on either end of the nine pieces so they wouldn't slide around when worn.

That's it!

You can create many necklaces that look different by changing the length of the wooden pieces and using different colors.  You can see me wearing a plain gold version HERE.

Let us know if you make your own!  And if you aren't interested in DIY, I might just be interested in selling some of these babies!  :)  E-mail us

Thanks for reading!