Monday, March 11, 2013

Polka Dot Skirt {REFASHION}

Thrifting for clothes can be tricky.

You can't go in KNOWING what you want.  More often than not, you will leave in disappointment.

When I peruse the clothing racks at Goodwill, I'm not necessarily looking for something that fits perfectly... or is the right style...  

Three Things to think about when thrifting for clothes:

1.  Don't look at EVERYTHING.  You'll get overwhelmed.

2.  Scan through and pick up clothes that have an cute print or good fabric.  (I am loving the chiffon-like, flowy fabrics.. so I tend to gravitate towards shirts that are made of a more flowy fabric as opposed to cotton or cotton-blends.)

3.  Choose clothes that have plenty of room to work with.  If a shirt or dress (or skirt... or pants.. whatever!) has a great print that you love, you can always take it apart and use the fabric to make something else! OR, just take it in so it WILL fit.  *On the same note, also look at the sheets, tablecloths, and napkins!  You never know what you'll find that you could EASILY turn into something to wear!*

This green dress with white polka dot print IMMEDIATELY caught my eye recently... the dress was very obviously unflattering on me... but there was PLENTY of fabric to work with... and I knew the fun, flowy fabric would make a cute high-waisted skirt! So here's what I did:

1.  I cut off the top of the dress right under the gathered belt-type thing.
2.  I decided how long I wanted the skirt to be (added about 2 1/2 in. for the waistband) and cut the excess off the top of the skirt.  *I like to use as many original hems as possible to make the project quicker and easier!*  To prevent fraying AND to keep the liner and skirt together, I zig-zagged the raw edge.
3.  Next I folded over the top of the skirt to create a casing for the elastic (measured to waist size plus one inch) and pinned all around the skirt.  *Make sure the elastic will fit in the casing!* I sewed the casing closed, leaving a small gap to put in the elastic.  Using a safety pin on one end of the elastic, I slid the elastic through the casing very easily.
I sewed the elastic together then the casing closed.

Shirt:  teaRose via Marshall's; Skirt:  handmade; Belt: Rue 21; Tights: Wal-Mart; Booties: MIAgirl (gift); Necklace: handmade (tutorial soon!); Hair:  Used THIS tutorial.

This is the same idea as the skirt I made in THIS post.. and it looks totally different!  This is probably one the EASIEST refashions you can do!  Find an old dress in your closet and turn it into a skirt... or find a hidden treasure at the thrift store and create something brand new!

We really would LOVE to see you try some of our projects!!  Send us pictures and tell us what you did!  

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