Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Mantle {2013}

I actually have a real mantle in our new place, peeps!! Although I loved my 'faux mantle' (found HERE), it's fun to have a purpose for it! Maybe we'll actually build a fire... I see some mallow roastin', hot dog cookin' and chestnuts cracklin' in our future.. well, probably not the chestnuts... but I can pretend..

The only decorations I used that are meant solely for Christmas decor are my 3 little trees and the garland.  Other than that, I just combined other decor that I had around the house to put together a wintry feeling mantle.  You can't go wrong with white for Christmas.  Then for a 'rustic' feel, I add neutral colors.

I mentioned in my last post about my dislike of over-the-top seasonal decor... I have this NEED for my seasonal decor to at least fit in with my everyday stuff... I like to match.  Sue me.

A lot of my desire for having very few seasonal decorations out during holidays is just pure laziness... I HATE having to take it all down, pack it up, put it away.. bleh.  If you use what you've got around the house, you can just spread it back out, erase the Christmas-y saying from the chalkboard, throw out the pinecones, etc.

That's that.

I guess this post should by labeled "Jess' lazy Christmas Decor".

OH, well.

How do YOU decorate for Christmas??  Am I the only decorating grinch?? 

Happy decorating!

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