Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Very Own Coffee Bar!

We are so excited to get back to the bloggin' groove!  All of our lives over the holidays were completely full of celebrating, decorating, relaxing, unpacking, traveling, lovin' on family, missing each other, organizing, eating, and the list goes on!  We are so grateful for y'all bearing with us as we tried to catch our breath a little over the break!  We have some fun stuff in store for y'all so PLEASE join us as we dive into a new year!

Remember way back ( HERE ) when I dreamt of a coffee bar?

Guess what...

That's right, folks!  I finished a project, followed through on a plan I had, and I LOVE IT! 

I wanted one MOSTLY out of necessity.  Our new place has a very small kitchen... so with a coffee pot and microwave on the counter alone, I was making PB&J sandwiches at the dining room table instead of in the kitchen.  Plus, why not dedicate an entire wall of your house to something you use EVERYDAY.  My dear coffee, you're worth it.

Do you remember the dresser? Look HERE.

Our coffee bar takes up a wall in the dining room and creates extra storage for everything from pens and paper to extra coffee mugs and tea.  We're excited to actually have a dining room in our new place!  I can't wait to turn our table and chairs into my next big project... I promise to share it with you!

We use the wall opposite of the coffee bar as our catch-all.  The front door is right around the corner (to  the left) so it was the perfect spot for our 'mudroom'.  The chest of drawers balances out the other side of the wall AND adds almost necessary extra storage for craft and sewing supplies.  I made sure to save ONE WHOLE DRAWER for the hubs books and such.  Poor guy was having to keep his books in the trunk until I organized a little... 

Please know that our dining room NEVER looks this clean... real life is a trash can in the corner by the coffee bar, hats and jackets on the table, crumbs covering the floor, sticky-ness all over the table, shoes on the floor, junk mail, books, artwork, that mornings half-eaten breakfast... It's always great to have an excuse to clean up!  This was mine!

Thanks for reading, y'all!  It's great to be back at it, and we so look forward to sharing a lot more with our faithful followers!


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  1. I love it! A coffee bar is such a convenient thing to have for entertaining, and yours is lovely! Would love for you to share at Fridays Unfolded!