Monday, April 29, 2013

Choosing Fabric

Choosing & coordinating fabric can be WAY too overwhelming!  I can't tell you how many times I have been ready to buy fabric for curtains (as we currently have NONE in our house...) before I chicken out.. I'm HORRIBLE at making decisions.. 

I finally took the plunge after gaining a little inspiration from some of my favorite home decor blogs and receiving a little birthday money!  (How lame... who spends birthday money on FABRIC??  And I was absolutely THRILLED about it... PLEASE tell me I'm not the only one!!) proved to have a MASSIVE selection (making the choice so hard!) so I perused their website for at least 4 days before making my decision.  Plus, they always offer GREAT sales and free shipping over a certain amount.

Master Bedroom:

Sidenote:  My bedroom currently is the most boring place in the world... plain, undecorated, and drab... hopefully I can spruce it up a little with these prints!

1.  ZigZag in Village Blue/Natural by Premier Prints - I want a calming effect when I walk in my room... although, I also want a little interest... how about some light blue and zigzags!  I found THIS tutorial for a DIY rug that I'm dying to try with this fabric.  I'm excited give it a go!

2.  Java Ikat Driftwood by Magnolia Home Fashions - Although I only want to use this fabric for a couple pillows for my bed, I used this print as the base for my other two coordinating fabrics.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the abstractedness (is that even a word?) and symmetry together in one print!!

3.  Towers in Onyx/Grey/Natural by Premier Prints  - Love this pattern.  I'm hoping the print is not too busy for curtains, but that's my plan for now.  I think the calm, neutral colors tone down the boldness of the print.

For the little guy's room:  (see his room tour HERE)

1.  Air Travel in Felix/Natural by Premier Prints - If you read/saw the room tour post, I mentioned wanting curtains for my P-man's room.  I knew I wanted a neutral-ish curtain since the bedspreads and bookshelf/toybox are bright green, and we have other bright colors on the walls.  I didn't want to overdo it with bold print and colors.  The frugal side of me thought I could easily re-use the fabric for pillows either in his room or in my living room!  I also didn't think the print was too gender or age specific.

2.  SeeSaw in Felix Blue/Natural by Premier Prints - I'm pretty sure I wanted to use this fabric for something in my little guy's room as soon as I saw it!  I immediately said no to curtains because of the bold and crazy, but I want to use the tutorial I mentioned above for a DIY rug... now I can't stop picturing the SeeSaw print as a rug in P's room!!  Can't wait to tackle that project!

One of the cool things about is their "Add to Design Wall" option.  You can add any 'swatch' of fabric to the design wall so you can see all your prints right next too each other.  No guess work on coordinating colors!  And if choosing coordinating fabrics is not your strong suit, they give you coordinating suggestions below each fabric option when you click on it!  Yay for making things easy!  If you can't find something that goes with a fabric you like, they add new prints ALL the time.  I found their prices to be very affordable with ENDLESS options.  After googling ' promo codes' I found a 20% code that worked!  I'm pretty sure they offer discounts quite a bit so it wouldn't hurt to wait for a coupon offer!

Now I can't wait to show y'all my finished projects... check back with us to see the finished results and other fun projects!

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