Monday, April 22, 2013

Home Tour {Jess' House: Boy's Room}

We bought our house about 3 1/2 years ago right before my son was born.  Our house is SLOWLY but surely all coming together... 

We love, love, love our little house, but I can't leave it alone!  We didn't move in, 'get settled', and just live in it.  Little by little our home has evolved from just putting up decorations that we already had to looking more like a home that we love.

My little guy's room isn't quite 'done' (will it ever be??)... but I wanted to share what we've done so far.  Over time, I plan to keep you updated on new projects/changes to little guy's room as we go.

Without further adieu....

We randomly found a gallon of the exact color paint we were looking for in the 'Oops' paint section at Wal-Mart.  At 50% off the full price of paint, we couldn't pass it up!!

Although the top bunk has only been slept in once, nothing says 'BOY' like a good ol' bunk bed!  It's nice to have an extra bed available for company, especially when you're without a guest room!  

I made up my own template for the wooden moosehead by googling images of moose silhouettes.  I used a jigsaw to cut out all the pieces and stained them in espresso.  You can tell the antlers are sagging a bit... need to put fixing that on my 'to-do' list!!  I found the tutorial for the faux metal arrow HERE.  I completely copied her by putting it directly above the bunk bed like she did... oh well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right??

I found both the comforters and the ABC fleece sheets on sale.  The train sheets were gifted to us.  As much as I hate how much the sheets don't match in the picture, I guess it's at least proof that we clean the little guy's sheets! :)

I needed a bedside table but didn't want to buy anything.  I had both of the baskets already and just stacked them.  I topped it with a wooden eating utensils holder (upside down) just for a flatter surface.  As you could easily guess, the 'table' gets knocked over all the time.

The dresser (is it really a 'chest of drawers'??) is the same bedroom set as the bunkbed.

The canvas had already been painted on so I spray painted it white and hand painted the 'hello'.

The other items are just a hodge-podge of things... I'm not quite sure it will stay this way...

My talented hubby built the toy box and the chicken wire frame for me.  He adapted a couple different plans from Ana White and came up with his own for this masterpiece! (It's painted using another can of 'Oops' paint!)  The frame was for a craft fair Rox and I did a couple years ago, and in the spirit of re-using I put it up for Parker to hang his artwork.  I'm not entirely sure I love the CHAOS on that wall... I feel like either I need a calmer wall piece or a more organized-looking piece of furniture there... 

Now onto the next steps...

With such a big open space on the floor, I would LOVE to have a chevron print or striped rug near his bed. I would also love to have curtains hung.. I feel like it would help fill in the blank space on the window wall.  Finally, I want to find a small side table or stool to replace the baskets next to his bed.

That's it!! For now...

I will be sure to keep you updated as I add and change things! 

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