Saturday, January 5, 2013

Flowy Dress to Fitted Skirt

Blazers.  Fitted Skirts.  Statement Necklaces.  My current semi-obsessions...

You may have seen this outfit floating around the Pinterest world...
Source: Happily Grey
Is it weird that I keep looking at it over and over?? 


So... I was browsing at Goodwill recently and saw a print that IMMEDIATELY made me think of this outfit.   (Even though the inspiration photo is a little more tribal than geometric... we can overlook that right?) I decided to stop looking at the outfit and make somethin' happen!

I knew with the amount of fabric in the skirt portion I could manage something.  PLUS there was  elastic in the back meaning even MORE fabric!  Here's what I did:

1. I first cut off the "bodice" portion (just above the waist).  I intended to use the original waistline since it had elastic shirring in the back, but it had a weird fit. SO. I cut off the waist line, too.
2. The blue liner was a little longer and had a ruffle (which I didn't like) so I cut it off.
3.  I found a skirt of which I generally liked the way it fit and used it as a template. I would recommend pinning the template skirt to the liner, use a fabric marker or chalk, and THEN use a straight stitch to sew up the sides. *Make sure the liner is inside-out.* I wanted to just do the liner so I could make sure it fit well under the outer portion of the skirt. To finish the bottom of the liner, I just zig-zag stitched the edge (since I don't have a serger) because I knew you wouldn't be able to see it. (I like short-cuts!)
4. After I tried on the liner, I took it in a couple more times until I liked the fit. *Remember the liner needs to be a little bit tighter than the outer portion so it's not bunchy underneath.* I laid fitted liner on top of the skirt and repeated step #3.
5. To prevent fraying on the top, I zig-zagged again. After all of the chopping I did earlier, the skirt was starting to get shorter and shorter.  I couldn't use much more of the skirt to make a casing for elastic so I found an old black T-shirt to make my own.  The width of the T-shirt was exactly the same size as the skirt (SCORE!) so I just cut a strip that was just over double the width of my elastic (*Remember your seam allowance!*)
6.  I cut my elastic to my waist measurement + 1 inch (to sew the elastic together).  I folded the T-shirt strip in half, lined up the raw edges (skirt & liner, and both layers of the T-shirt strip casing), and pinned it all the way around the skirt.  Since the T-shirt doesn't fray, I used a straight stitch almost all the way around.  (*Remember to leave an opening for your elastic!!*) Thread your elastic through the casing, and sew the ends together. FINALLY, sew closed the gap left for the elastic. DONE!

I had the fun blazer on earlier and that random tuft of hair at the nape of my neck pinned back... ANYWAY.  Here's the after!  I'm very pleased with the outcome and can't wait to wear it again!

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