Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Style on the Cheap

I LOVE finding an outfit I love on Pinterest.

But there's no way I can afford the prices I see... bleh.

I'm fortunate enough to have a couple of great thrift stores in town!  I live in a college town, and we have lots of college students that get rid of fairly new clothes.  I sure benefit from it!  Goodwill (though most often overpriced) is AWESOME, and I find most of my thrifted clothes there.  I also have a Salvation Army in town that I LOVE.  I love to just go in because they are so nice!

Inspired by numerous pins, I put this together yesterday:

Outfit Breakdown:

Striped Sweater - Forever 21 via Goodwill... I maybe spent $4 on it.

Faux fur vest - Goodwill $3

Skinny jeans - no boundaries (Wal-Mart) They were a little baggier in the calf area than I wanted so I used a tutorial similar to this one to alter them! (Then I accidentally dried them... and they shrunk a little bit.. and now they are more like jeggings...) maybe $12

Mint Flats - Target!  I found them online, and they were on sale! I got to use a gift card from Christmas!! Found here.

Rosette Necklace - handmade

It's so fun to recreate a style that looks more expensive than it really is!

Have you found anything fun at thrift stores recently??  I would love to hear about your treasures!!


  1. I want a fur vest. I can't believe you found that at a thrift store! awesome.

  2. You are really really really fun and cute and stylish!!!!