Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Stone Statement Necklace -tutorial-

I love necklaces.

I think it's because a necklace can transform a plain outfit into a stylish one!  T-shirt and jeans become a fashion statement when you add a pretty necklace.

Today, I want to share an easy necklace you can make yourself! 

Here's what you need:
Hot glue gun // felt (Wal-Mart - 50 cents) // stones/pebbles (Dollar Tree - $1) // ribbon (Wal-Mart - $1.50) // beading wire (JoAnn's - $???)

1.  Cut felt into desired shape of the 'bib' portion of the necklace.  This will just be a rough cut.

2.  Play around with the placement of the stones.  Be sure to take a picture to remember where the stones fit best.

3.  Carefully hot glue the stones to the felt and each other.  I had to use the hottest setting and used quite a bit of glue!  It was nearly impossible to keep the glue from peering through the cracks.

-After all the glue dries, carefully trim the excess felt around the edges.

4.  Wrap the beading wire in between cracks of the rocks.  Use as little or as much wire as desired!

5.  Feed the ribbon through a loop of wire towards tip of the bib.  Cut to desired length.  I also put a dab of glue between the ribbon and felt AND tied a gentle knot in the ribbon.

6.  Secure the necklace in the back with a bow.


This necklace would look great with beads, rhinestones, painted stones, buttons, etc.

Thanks so much for reading, y'all!


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