Tuesday, March 18, 2014

{ The Baby Bob }

To cut?  Or not to cut?
THAT is the question.


Ok, baby haircuts in the grand scheme of things is not REALLY that big of a deal.  But for the mama, baby's first haircut FEELS like a big deal!  Mamas of curly-haired little ones, I can only imagine saying 'Good-bye' to those sweet curls the first time would be traumatic!

My babies don't have the sweet curls, so I said 'Good-bye' to a stringy, straight mullet.  Not quite as sweet sounding as 'Baby Curls'... either way, it was weird to give my baby girl her first haircut!

Ok, peeps.  I took the ram by the horn and pulled a DIY.  (Ok, did I just call my little gal a ram?  With horns?  Ok, weird... just replace it with your favorite line.. I can't think of a different one...)

I found a video tutorial for a little girl's bob haircut complete with a stack in the back! (Video found HERE.)  I decided it was worth trying for FREE.  I could always take her to get it fixed at a salon if I needed to!!

I'm pleased to say, it turned out alright!  A hairstylist would probably be MORTIFIED to say the least...  BUT Y'ALL.  I saved 20 bucks!  Seminary life calls for cutting costs!  I can't say, "Go on!  Try cutting your little girl's hair yourself!!"  I CAN say, "Proceed with caution."

This little endeavor took about 2 hours... complete with numerous breaks for fruit snacks, goldfish, turning on new TV shows, getting hair out of said snacks, spraying, re-spraying hair, taking deep breaths, trying not to freak out about sweet baby hairs on the ground, and more.

Anyway, thanks for reading and NOT judging! :)  We're friends here, right?  Shoot it to me straight.  Would you cut your little ones' hair to save a few bucks??

Have a fantastic day, y'all!


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