Thursday, March 20, 2014

Updating "that thing" in the Bathroom

Who knew so much went into updating a home?

We are in the process of updating (painting, adding shelves, etc.) the boys bathroom/guest bathroom since it's the bathroom that gets the most use.  

And something had to be done with the toilet.

The seat and handle both appeared "dirty" just because the paint and finish were wearing off.

So we decided to replace both!

I replaced the handle (above) with an oil-rubbed bronze finished one.  The directions were super easy, and it took me less than 10 minutes.  (I think I got it from Home Depot.)

M replaced the toilet seat.  

I don't think the steps need much explaining.  

It was pretty straight-forwards as well, and the new seat is much easier to remove for cleaning!

And, I promise this will be the only toilet blogpost from me!

(Don't act like none of y'all have replaced or needed to replace these items before!)

Happy Thursday, y'all!


{ I just realized this post will go live on the blog on my 30th birthday!  I'm actually writing this a couple weeks early.  Toilet Post on my birthday?!  What better way to show how old I am.  Ha! }

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