Thursday, March 13, 2014

Renewing Old Tile Grout

First of all, please do not judge me for how disgusting our tile grout was in the before picture.

Thanks so much.

Our house that we are currently living in was built in 1997.

And as you probably know, we are fixing it up in hopes of making it easier to sell.

And something HAD to be done to the tile floors.  

We have tile in both the kitchen and dining areas (that are attached).

After doing a little bit of research, I came across this product from Home Depot (after seeing the lovely people from Young House Love use it in their blogpost found here.)

My husband was actually the one who worked long and hard on this whole project.  
I just read a couple blogposts, decided on the color, and gave the occasionally "great job!"

Whew.  Exhausting.

Actually, I was busy painting the doors black while hubby worked on the floors.

I have to admit, my project was MUCH easier, and I'm so grateful he agreed to do it.

TileLab's Grout & Tile Cleaner and Resealer was used to clean the tile, mainly, before the Grout Renew was applied (both can be found at Home Depot).

M applied the Grout Renew (we went with Oyster Gray color - it still looked clean without being too white) with a tooth brush, and wiped any excess off of the tile with a damp towel.

Since this tile is in the kitchen and dining area, and because our home is small, it was hard to stay out of these areas completely.  We tried to be pretty careful for the first 24 hours, and tried to keep water off the grout for 72 hours (per the directions on the bottle).

We bought 2 bottles and ended up taking one back.

We used less than 1 bottle and have enough to finish up both bathrooms. 

It seriously looks like we just had new tile put in.

All in all, it's a super inexpensive way to revamp old tile floors!

Happy Thursday, y'all!


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