Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Herringbone Lampshade Frame


Yes, I do.  I love the soft glow.  I love the home-y feel of a lit lamp (a little different than 'homie', as in 'Yo, Homie!').

I don't love how boring some of my lamps are.

We have a trio of lamps (two large, one small) that ALL look exactly the same.  BORING.  Plus the small one had a broken lampshade... so time to update!

Along with the lamp, I used:
lampshade frame
three wire hangers
silver floral wire
Rustoleum Metallic Finish (silver)
Rustoleum Gloss Seaside

I really like the look of bare wire metal frame AND I love the Herringbone pattern. My lamp already had four metal supports, but to create the herringbone look, I needed four more thick pieces of metal (like the supports). I used wire cutters to cut the hangers into four pieces long enough to hook around both the top and the bottom of the frame.  With the extra supports in place, I used the floral wire to create the herringbone pattern.  You can make the 'stripes' as close together or far apart as you'd like!  I think making them even closer together would look great, but I wanted mine to be more 'bare bones'.  I painted the lampshade with the silver spray paint and the lamp base with the Seaside.

And that's IT!  It was a VERY easy update with a brand new look!!

Thanks for reading!

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