Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Stained Cardi to Mini Cardi

I was recently at my sister's house (hey girl) and did a little "shopping" in her garage!  She had a yard sale a couple of weeks ago so I got to go through all the leftovers.  One of my favorites was a mustard yellow cardigan.  I thought, "Who in the world would get rid of this??"  After a closer look, I realized it must have been washed with jeans because there were blue splotches in a few places... BLAH.  I decided if I really scrounged, I could figure out something to do with it...

1. I used a cardigan I already had for my baby girl as a template (a very ROUGH template...). I pieced together one of the front pieces for the right side of the vest and the left sleeve.  Remember to add seam allowances (especially if you have to piece it together like I did!)
2.  After sewing the right side of the vest and the left sleeve, I double checked to make sure everything matched up.
3. Next, I pinned the vest pieces (right sides together).  Using a straight stitch, sew both shoulder pieces to the back part of the vest and up both sides until you reach the armhole.
4. Keeping the vest inside out, match up the sleeve and the armhole of the vest together by inserting the sleeve into the vest. (Make sure the right sides of the fabric are together.) Pin in place, then sew together.
5. I finally found a piece of the ribbed hem line on the original cardigan that was the right length for the neckline. I folded under the raw edges (at an angle) and sewed it down.  Next, I put right sides of the neckline and the hem together and pinned it in place.  I used a straight stitch to attach it.  Finally, serge or use a zig zag stitch to finish any raw edges on the inside.

Dress up your baby girl and have a photo shoot! Can you believe how easy it is to make "mini-me" clothes?! Now I need to make her some more!


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