Monday, November 19, 2012

Maxi Skirt

I am all about a maxi skirt.  They are ALL over Pinterest.  And the fashion world.  But I only own ONE.  With a hankering to wear a comfy skirt, I pulled out some fabric to see what I could do!  I just happened to have enough for a maxi skirt!  Even though it's a spring/summer color, I decided that we all need a little color in our lives...

2 yds (?) of fabric
coordinating thread 
wide elastic
sewing machine

1.  First decide how much fabric you will need.  I had what I think was 2 yds. of fabric that I bought quite awhile ago... use a maxi skirt that you already have as a template, measure the length and width of one you like at a store, etc.  I literally held the fabric up to my waist and knew it was enough to go around me.  It was also more than long enough.  I needed 2 rectangles of fabric measuring 48x27 in. each.  Also determine how long your elastic needs to be by measuring around your waist (or hips).  I wanted a high-waisted skirt so I measured around the smallest part of my waist.  
2.  Place rectangles right sides together and pin up the long sides.  Using a straight stitch, sew up each side of the rectangle.  Go ahead and serge or zigzag the edges to prevent fraying.  (I don't own a serger so I rocked the zigzag stitch!)
3.  Decide which open end will be the top of your skirt, and serge or zigzag stitch the edge.  Using your elastic as a guide, create a casing and pin together. 
4.  Use a straight stitch to sew the casing.  Remember to leave a gap through which to thread the elastic.  (*My favorite way to thread the elastic through a casing is to attach a safety pin to one end of the elastic first.  The metal allows for an easy slide through the casing as opposed to elastic-on-fabric friction!*) Once you've thread the elastic through, sew both ends together.  Close the gap of the casing, and spread the gathers the elastic created evenly around the skirt.
5.  After trying the skirt on, I decided the final length I wanted for my skirt.  I wanted to take the easy route and zigzag stitch the edge and fold it under... BUT I wanted to make it a little pretty by hemming the edge.  I pinned all the way around the bottom of the skirt and sewed a double line to give the hem a finished look.

Pair it with a cozy sweater and wedge booties for a comfy fall look!

*If my measurements are not helpful, a good guess would be to measure around the widest part of your lower half (hips, butt, legs..) and double it.  That will give you PLENTY of gather for your skirt.  For the length, measure from your waist (or hips depending on how you want to wear your skirt) to wherever you want the skirt to fall.  Add enough length for the elastic casing and the bottom hem.  Remember that you can always make it smaller if it ends up being too wide or too long!*

**Keep in mind that you will want to use a thin, flowy fabric.  Thicker fabrics don't gather and fall as well,*

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