Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Olde Towne Market Recap

I had a GREAT time at the Olde Towne Market this weekend! Thanks SO much to ALL who came!!!  I loved seeing familiar faces AND meeting new friends!  Although I wanted to wear boots and a scarf and drink coffee, it just couldn't happen in 87 degree weather.  I don't know why I'm surprised EVERY year in October when it's still hot and humid... after 18 years in the South, I should know what to expect!


Even with the heat and hard labor (my hands and arms are STILL very sore...), I'm so grateful for my time at the Market!

Here's a quick look at our booth and some of the items we were selling!

And y'all.

Behind every booth is a team of people that doesn't always get the recognition they deserve.

I have a very, very sweet, hard-working, AWESOME friend that committed to helping me load ALL of my stuff early Saturday morning, helped me set up, willingly helped with every request, endured the heat, put up with me in general, helped me load up AGAIN, and the list could go on and on!  Michelle, I'm forever grateful for all you did for me!!  Y'all, her sweet husband even came to hang out with her at the market, and then he stayed and helped us load up at the end!  Thanks so much, Drew!

My sweet friend!!
Next, there's the other half of this here operation:  Rox.  She took care of ALL the details.  She made us new business cards, made some items for the booth, let me borrow TONS of cute decor, re-vamped the blog (have you seen how stinkin' cute it is??? I LOVE IT!), helped promote, and the list could continue!  Although it was weird not doing the booth with my sis, I was more than blessed by her attention to all the details I didn't even think of!!  Thanks so much, Rox!

And last but absolutely NOT least, my amazing, supportive, helpful, good-lookin' husband.  He made the preparation process so fun!  He jumped in to help cut wire, give advice, hammer, and more when he could/  He put up with a messy house and simple dinners (even making dinner at times!).  I'm so, so grateful for your support, baby cakes!  *Cue gagging at the mushiness*

And that's that.

Or is it...

Keep your eyes peeled (peeled?? Anybody thought about how weird that phrase is?) for MORE opportunities to shop of Dwelling and Dress!!  We have exciting stuff in the works, y'all!!  And you don't want to miss it!!

In the mean time, keep checking back for our regular posts!

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Thanks y'all!



  1. Maybe you should sell some things on this blog! I want all of the things in that picture for Christmas!! :)

    1. Hey Lacey! We will hopefully have a chance to sell some stuff through our Etsy shop! (Button/Link in the right-hand column under our picture!) We have a couple of craft fairs to work on first, but we would LOVE to share with everyone!! :) Please e-mail us with any specific items you'd like, and we can work something out!! Thanks for the feedback!!

  2. Jessie, everything is so adorable! I love the MS mason jar holder and all those necklaces are just fabulous. Let me know what other craft fairs you are planning on attending because I'd love to come shop! Y'all are awesome :)

  3. Will do, Amanda!! You're so sweet!!