Thursday, October 17, 2013

DIY Cake Stand { or jewelry holder }

I absolutely love the idea of using something for something else... you got me??

Example:  The cute porcelain Anthro egg crates used for storing jewery, water pitchers used as vases, or stacked suitcases as nightstands.

Now that my examples explain my vague description...

 You've probably seen (on Pinterest) gorgeous cake stands used to store jewelry or perfume, but I can't seem to find any for myself at a good price!

Sidenote:  Rox found a beautiful one on clearance at Target (awhile back..) so you CAN find them... I just never have... 

So I made my own!!


2 thrifted decorative plates, a candlestick from Dollar Tree, and a thrifted ceramic cup/planter
E6000 Adhesive and Krylon spray paint in Coral Isle

The process is EASY:

- Glue the candlestick or cup to the bottom of the decorative plate.  Let dry for 24 hours.
- Spray paint the cake stand using as many coats as needed.  You may do well to use a primer first!

That's it!  And I didn't even have to spray paint the off-white stand since the cup and plate were the same color! SCORE.

I used these to display rings and bracelets at my craft fair last weekend, and I loved how it looked!

I don't recommend putting food directly on the stands (especially the painted one) unless it's lined with wax paper or something similar.

I also recommend that you NOT use the clear gloss protective paint after painting with your original color... I had to scrape and scrub and start ALL over on the coral cake stand after trying the protective coat.  It wrinkled up and started peeling away... I wanted to cry.  SO, save yourself the tears and DON'T DO IT.

I've made them using a candlestick and a stove burner cover before... while they served their purpose for a cheap price, they have since broken and are not very sturdy.

So go make yourself a cake stand to use for your jewelry or perfume for just a few dollars!  And let us know if you do!

Thanks for reading!


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