Friday, August 16, 2013

Weekend Wear { Vol. XVI }

Shirt: Old Navy (old) // Bracelet: Target (old) // Belt: Target (old)
// Skirt: Target (on clearance NOW) // Shoes: Jessica Simpson

This week's weekend wear will probably be the girliest thing you will ever see me wear.

You see I tend to stick with blues, greens, the occasional rusty orange, and LOTS of neutrals.

But no pink for me.

Like, this is literally the only truly pink item of clothing I own.

That is, until I found this one on clearance at Target for $9 (I purchased it TODAY, so I'm sure you can still find one).

And I have to say, pink isn't all that bad!

Happy Weekend, y'all!


(Oh, and I tried out a new way of doing my hair by using Katie's tutorial found here.  I still need some practice, but it's pretty easy overall!)