Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Shop My Accessories!!

You know how people say that every time you get something new, you're supposed to get rid of something??

Yeah, I haven't followed that little rule...

So, now you can benefit from my hoarding if you'd like! :)

Check out the loot:
 Flower pearled-beaded necklace: $8 // Long Fabric Knotted Necklace: $8 //
Short Ruffled Necklace w/ flower accent: $5

Pearled Bead Cluster Necklace: $10 // Muslin Rose Necklace: $8 // Long Neutral Beaded Necklace:  $8

Double-strand Clear Bead Necklace: $4 // Multiple-Strand Blue & Brown Bead Necklace: $4 // Braided Necklace: $4

Long Woven Washers Necklace:  $8 // Long Coral and Browns Beaded Necklace: $8 // 
Finger-Knit Necklace w/ removable fabric flower: $4

Small Brown and Turquoise Beaded Necklace: $5 // Brown Multi-strand short necklace: $5 // 
Metal & Green clustered necklace: $8
Off-white rose w/ pink beads Headband: $8 // Triple Green Yo-Yo Headband w/ brown beads:  $10 // Grey Pleated flower Headband with dark grey buttons: $10

Triple Green Yo-Yo Headband with pearled beads: $10 // Triple Mustard Yellow Rose Headband: $10
Grey Rose chain bracelet: $3 // Set of 2 Goldenrod bangles: $4

Rustic Wooden Beads Earrings: $3 // Multi-colored beaded Cascading Earrings: $3 // 
Coral/Red Statement Teardrop Earrings: $4

Round Metal & Teal Earrings: $4 // Small Pearled-bead Cluster Earrings: $2

Wire and Beads Teardrop Earrings: $4 // Brown and Gold Circle Earrings: $4

Comment to claim an item, and leave your e-mail so I can contact you!

All items will ship for $1 unless you are local to Jess! :)  Payments will be set up through PayPal.  

Happy Shopping!



  1. Are you still trying to sell all these pretty things?

  2. Are these things still available?

  3. I believe the ones that are not marked through are still available. Let us know which one/s you are interested in!