Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Name Hanger

Happy Wedding season everyone!

Every year, once May hits, I feel like there are a TON of weddings to attend.

And I LOVE every one of them.  


What's not to love about eating, drinking, and being merry with the ones you love most?

And this season is going to be the best yet, because our youngest sister, Aly, is getting married! (To a pretty awesome guy, I must add.)

So, needless to say, wedding shenanigans have been on all of our minds.

So, I was feeling a little crafting withdrawal and had been meaning to make one of the brides a hanger for her wedding dress.  And, luckily, I had almost all the supplies on hand.

Wooden Hanger (Wal-Mart)
Spray Paint (only if you want to paint the hanger and/or wire)
Painter's Tape
Sanding Block
Wire (Lowe's or Home Depot)
Wire Cutter/Needle Nose Pliers
Glue Gun

First, I sprayed painted one side blue.  I waited 10 minutes for it to dry, flipped it over, and sprayed the other side.

The color I had pictured in my head was sort of a mint green which would go with Aly's color scheme. Since I didn't have any spray paint in that color, I thought I could achieve that effect by layering blue and green paint.  I actually ended up spraying it blue, then green, then blue again.

I then took the sanding block and lightly sanded all over, focusing on the corners and edges.  This allowed the green to be seen underneath and give off a bluish-green color when seen from a little ways away.

Next, I used a drill bit slightly larger than the diameter of the wire I was using, and drilled a hole through the hanger.  (I could have actually used one slightly bigger than the one pictured for reasons you'll read about in a second.)

Then, I wrote out the name I wanted to use as a template for the wire.  (You can also use a script font on the computer and print out the name as opposed to your own handwriting).  Using a combination of twisting with my hands and needle-nose pliers, I bent it into the shape of the name.  

Next, I spray-painted the wire gold since it will go well with this particular wedding.

I then cut the wire to the appropriate length at the ends, bent the wire at the ends as well, put glue in the hole, and stuck the wire into the drilled hole.  (The reason a larger drill bit would have been beneficial is because it would have been easier for the glue to get down in the hole.)

The glue dries very quickly, and since nothing will hang on the name part, it doesn't have to be super strong.

And that's it!

This is a great personalized gift for any bride or new baby!

If you make one of these, send us a picture to be featured on the blog!

{ I just wanted to let all you faithful readers know that Jess is out of town, so you are stuck with me on the ole blog this week!  Sorry for the Rox posting overload....but enjoy nonetheless! }

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