Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Boys Bow Tie

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As you all know, Easter is quickly approaching, and one part of the preparation process (although certainly not the MOST important) is making sure everyone's outfits are picked out.  I usually try and dress my boys (who are 3 and 4) in something a little more formal than the usual polo and jeans/khakis they wear every Sunday.  (And by a little more formal, what I actually mean is slapping a tie on them.  That's automatically more dressy, right?!?)

Last year, J (my youngest) wore the tie I made E (my oldest) the year before, and I made E a new one.  They were made with light blue gingham fabric and light blue dot fabric.  They looked adorable, but I wanted a different look this year.  (Please tell me I'm not the only one who loves dressing their boys!)  Last year, I used Make-it and Love-it's pattern that can be purchased for $6.95 and can be found here.

Plus, a bow tie seemed simple enough, and I was pretty sure I could come up with a pattern on my own.    The Hubs and I are really trying to watch what we spend (Dave Ramsey style.  Yayuh!), so I decided to go "shopping" in my stash of fabric I have at home.  That's when I found part of an old tweed jacket I had purchased at the thrift store.  (The other part was used to make a clutch).  The fabric is thick enough that it doesn't need any reinforcement, which ultimately means saving some time by skipping a step!  Woohoo for quick projects!

PLUS, repurposing is all the rage these days.



I'm all about the rages.


Double Ha for admitting that I googled whether the phrase is 'all the rage' or 'all the rave'.

I'm still confused.

Moving on.

These took me about 20-25 minutes per tie to make, and I'm excited about the results!

{I'll be posting my complete tutorial soon!}

Here's my imaginative, strong-willed, loving, independent, intelligent oldest.

These pictures kill me.  Love this boy.

(By the way, I'm pretty sure I have a picture-like the far left-with the EXACT same expression on my face from when I was his age.)

And this is my fun-loving, determined, comedic, sociable, caring youngest.

I could eat him up.

I'm pretty sure he is our mystery sister (Aly) made over.

And here's one more for the road.
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  1. The last picture SLAYS me! They are SOOOO cute!!! And cute bowties too!

  2. I am DYING right now! Cuteness overload!

  3. OK, seriously....just bought one. I have been deciding between two on Etsy for Wyatt for Easter and SO GLAD i never made my decision because this one is SOOOO much cuter! If you happen to get a wild hair and decide to make suspenders to match, let me know and I will buy some of those too! I know you have SOOOOO MUCH free time on your hands ;) ;) ;)

  4. Thanks y'all! I love those boys!

    I'm so glad, Lauren! Thanks!