Monday, February 18, 2013

Ready for Spring??

Will I ever be used to weather in the South??

Maybe I just like to complain.. but I'm more than ready for birds a-chirpin', flowers a-bloomin', noses a-sneezin'... oh, yeah.  I forgot that spring brings the oh-so-dreaded sneezy season with it... talk about complaining!

Where was I?  Oh, yes.  The weather.  Our weather here lately has been just plain weird.  This morning was WAY cold, and by noon it felt perfect and warm... meaning, I was starting to sweat since I bundled up for the chilly morning.  (If you want to know something about us sisters, we tend to get a little cranky when we get too warm... avoid us when blow drying hair, folding freshly dried clothes, and when the A/C is out... you see sweat start to form?  Just walk away.  Maybe bring a fan back with you.)

I've gotten off track again... right.  How do you tackle the changing weather?  One easy way to dress for the transition from cold to warm is tights and shorts. 

Leather Jacket - Forever 21 via Goodwill;  Denim Button-up - American Eagle via Goodwill;  Shorts - restyled from romper; tights - Wal-Mart; boots - LaPosh Style; necklace - handmade

This is especially nice for spring.. everyone starts to get the itch to wear shorts, but it's still really too cold... wear it with tall riding boots to stay a little warmer or with ankle boots or booties to dress it up.  I   would put this in the "date night outfit file" (since I file my outfits away and all...)  Plus you might be mistaken for driving in on a motorcycle with that leather jacket! And let's be honest... that's pretty stinkin' cool.  Although, I'm pretty sure you shouldn't ride a motorcycle with tights on... safety first, kids. 

What do you think??  Do you like the tights and shorts trend?  What are your favorite winter to spring transition styles?

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