Monday, February 11, 2013

Presto Change-o: Lamp Redo

I bought this lamp from a local discount store while the kids were still both toddlers - boys that are 14 months apart.  I had great dreams of having a beautiful home that was indestructible to greasy, grimy hands of 2 youngins.  My husband didn't understand why I would spend my money on something that they were inevitably going to mess up.  

Epiphany #1: Your husband is smarter than you think.

The lamp got knocked over, pulled down, and loads of nasty fingerprints smudged all over my precious lamp.  I eventually put it up on the bookshelf (you can catch a glimpse of it behind the lamp) and only brought it down when company came over.  So, during the boys young years, if you came over for dinner and saw this lamp so sweetly perched on our side table....don't be was only placed there moments before you walked in the door and quickly scooped up and placed high out of reach the moment you left.

You have to know, we only own 4 lamps total.  One was found at a garage sale for $2, and two were found at a store on clearance for $5 each.  I believe, I spent $30 on this one, using my money I saved, which is pretty reasonable for a lamp, but more than I had ever spent.  So, this was my baby.

BUT, putting aside all its perceived perfection, there WAS one thing I didn't love.  The color.

As you can see from the picture, it blended in with walls.  Plus, I didn't love the silver base.  Bleh. 

Ok, it wasn't perfect afterall.  

I've spray painted lamps before, but never ones with a slick ceramic surface.  Every time I thought about doing something to it, I would convince myself that buying another lamp was my best option.  So, I searched around for a reasonably priced option but never could settle on anything.  

I took a couple of deep breaths and finally mustered up the courage to tackle this project. 

First, I taped off the top and cord, and used one coat of primer on the base.  I followed this with 2 coats of gray gloss spray paint. 

And, much to my surprise, and contrary to my fears, it worked!  And hasn't chipped off since.

I was so excited about the cheap project I had just completed, that I quickly brought it inside and replaced the lamp shade. 

And then......


I don't know what it was, but it just looked.....bleh.  I thought this had been another one of my failed projects but decided to keep it in the living room for a day or two JUST TO BE SURE.

And when I came back in the morning, lo and behold........

Still bleh.

After hearing endless complaining and comments about my beloved lamp (and my husband's disdain).....he had a brilliant idea.  "Why don't you just try a lampshade in a different, maybe yellow."  


An easy fix, yet one I totally overlooked.  

Epiphany #2: Your husband is STILL smarter than you think.

So, we headed to my second home....TARGET!  

My husband raced to the aisle (probably 20 feet in front of me....this man is a giant, I tell you), picked up the only two yellow lampshades, and yelled to me as I rounded the corner. "Which one?"  I picked the one on the left.  He headed for the register.  We paid and went home.

The end.

And here she is in all her beauty.

Thus concludes the lamp drama.  

And a big thank you for a quick conclusion led by my husband.  Otherwise, this would be a MUCH longer post.  And much fewer followers by the end.

{ The love of this lamp may have been dramatized, just a bit, for your enjoyment. :) }



  1. Lamp DRAMA!!!
    I love it!! I have a couple of lamps I'd like to update, but was afraid to touch. Thanks for the encouragement!
    Have you ever redone an ugly bathroom light fixture? I need to do that and am, of course, a teensy bit afraid I'll mess it up.

  2. Love the finished product and the drama of it all too :). CUTE shade!

  3. I saw this shade at Target and wished I had a home for a super cool yellow shade, but alas I do not! It looks fantastic with your revamped lamp:) nice job!