Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What's It Called When You Don't Have a Green Thumb?

I think I have a black thumb.

I've never REALLY REALLY tried with indoor plants.. but I get succulents and they do NOT thrive under my care!

Maybe I don't care enough... maybe I need to take a step back and examine my true intentions...

Ok, this is not meant to be a therapy session!  Ha!  I REALLY wanted to share some ways to add GREEN to your home without having to remember to water anything.

Faux Moss Wreath - Moss Ball Topiaries

Moss is a beautiful way to add greenery to liven up your home.  Whether it's a moss wreath mounted on an old window or a couple of moss topiaries on your side table, moss is so whimsical, subtle, and just plain pretty. (Here's a secret.  You can buy bags of Reindeer Moss at DOLLAR TREE.  Search 'moss' on pinterest and get craftin'!)

Cherry Blossom StemMagnolia WreathCotton Stem - Herb Stem

Magnolia Market, y'all.  The 'florals' section in their shop is AMAZING.  Their herb stems are to die for, that magnolia wreath is perfection, the cotton stems can't be passed up by any good southern girl (even though their not officially green..), and cherry blossoms basically give me goosebumps.

Accept the weirdness.  Accept the TRUTH.  GREEN is GOOD.

Moving on.

Vintage Floral Prints

The easiest way to add green.  By far.  Is make a couple of these vintage 'floral' prints, stick 'em in a couple of chippy WHITE frames, and place them in a gallery wall!  (I linked to the general site so you could see ALL the free printable options!)

I'm a believer in having some sort of 'green' in every room to liven the feel a little bit.  Some rooms DO NOT have good enough lighting... some people DO NOT have a green thumb... I hope these ideas were at least a little helpful to those that can relate!

Who else either has no patience for real green or just can't keep a plant alive?!  We'd love to hear YOUR stories of 'black thumb syndrome' OR your tips for keeping greenery alive!! Leave us a comment or shoot us an e-mail!! Thanks for reading, friends!



  1. I'm not bad at keeping most house plants alive but succulents? Yeah. The whole internet says that they're impossible to kill. Guess what--I can do the impossible! :D
    So in my house, it's fake rubber succulents all over the place. Most of them, you can barely tell since a lot of succulents have this rubber-look to them, anyhow.
    I love the moss wreath, though!

    1. It's all about the rubber succulents! They are just as amazing as the real thing!