Monday, July 25, 2016

Wearing The Payton {part one}

We hope by now that y'all have had a chance to check out The Payton tee!  

One of the MANY reasons we chose to bring you The Payton tee is the versatility of a T-Shirt!  A T-Shirt is not JUST a clean-the-house, go-for-a-run, work-in-the-garden piece of clothing!  The Payton tee can be dressed-up for a day out shopping or a night out with friends.  We want to show you a couple of ways to style our new shirt!

Out Shopping

On a day you FEEL like throwing on a pair of gym shorts and a ratty tee, pull out The Payton tee!  Pair it with your favorite pair of jean shorts (or skinny jeans!), a light poncho, gladiator sandals, and a long necklace!  You can still wear your hair in a messy bun and you'll be JUST as comfy!

Business Casual

If you HAVE to dress it up a little bit, put on a utility vest, bodycon midi skirt, fringe necklace, and slide flats with The Payton tee!  Tie the bottom of your tee into a knot to give your shirt a little more fitted, sophisticated feel.

Though we love to feel put together, we love COMFORT just as much!  We know The Payton tee will be that adaptable piece for your wardrobe!

We look forward to sharing MORE ways to style The Payton tee with you!

Jess & Rox

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