Saturday, July 30, 2016

And the winners are...

Thank you SO much to everyone who participated in our giveaway!!

We have TWO winners instead of THREE because we had a little confusion about the way to ACTUALLY enter our giveaway!  We use a tool called Rafflecopter to easily manage all of our giveaway entries!  The ONLY way for us to collect the info about our entries is for our entrants to enter their e-mail address, complete each task, and check off each task using the Rafflecopter tool! 

Unfortunately, we weren't able to record ALL of you who liked, followed, and shared since not everyone recorded their entries using Rafflecopter! I'm so sorry for those of you who did the tasks and were not completely entered into the giveaway!  It is just IMPOSSIBLE for us to hand record the other tasks completed and choose an extra winner! We are SO grateful for your help, love, and support!

Please keep checking back with us for updates, new posts, and future GIVEAWAYS!

Thanks SO much y'all!

Jess & Rox

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