Tuesday, April 22, 2014

'Your art is the best art of all the art...'

It the most heartfelt voice he could muster after seeing her watercolors in her art show, Roy Anderson tells Pam Beasley, "Your art is the best art of all the art."


{I'm so sad if you don't know these people... that means you also don't know Michael Scott or Jim Halpert... My life is a little happier because of the humor they provide.  We're pretty close, you know.}

Friends, my life is lacking a little art...

If you saw my Living Room Tour, you may have noticed my very simple walls.  Though I've yet to tackle this problem, I wanted to share some of my inspiration for bringing a little LOVELY into my home:

This could EASILY be anything you wanted:  a tree, a child's profile, a unicorn. LOVE the pop of color.
 I LOVE CHALKBOARDS.  This chalkboard accent wall gives you the option to change the feel of your room depending on your mood!  For those of us that can't make decisions (ME!), this is FANTASTIC.

I love the marquee letter!!  I would love to make one for my little guy's room! 

Why not make a gallery wall??  Though there's not one large piece of art, the gold frames tie the gallery together.  I LOVE the ornate mirrors, and THE CHALKBOARD.  Obsessed.

How fantastic is the geometric wall???  Top it off with a deer head AND a coral console... I'm in heaven.  Would you ever guess the wall was done with a SHARPIE?  I need one in my life.
 One of my favorites:  Piece of plywood and paint.  Simple Concept, FANTASTIC result.

Though I can't paint my wall with chalkboard paint OR draw on my wall with Sharpie (at least not while we're renting!), both ideas are concepts I can tweak for a rented home!  A chalkboard gallery wall?? Yes, please!

Ok, I'll stop with the chalkboards.

Are you inspired, too?? 

If you're NOT and you have the funds to purchase art, check out Hillary Butler {Fine Art} and         The Kibnit Creative.  Both ladies are SUPER talented and fantastic people.

DON'T FORGET, friends!

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