Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Home Tour { Jess' Living Room }

Welcome to my living room, friends!

This is a combination living area/playroom/extended laundry room/storage room/movie room.  For those of you that live in smaller homes, you understand the need to be creative with space you have!  If you read my recent post HERE, you remember hearing my husband started seminary in the fall.  We chose to live in 'Seminary Housing', and we absolutely LOVE it!  A downside is the opportunity to customize our home.  Fortunately, white walls are easy to work with!  So, here's how we have made an apartment feel like OURS:

Y'all.  We have a wood-burning fireplace!!  And you better believe we used it this winter.  It was a cold one.  We are currently using two pieces of furniture that belong to our bedroom suite in our living room.  (We had NO room for either piece in our bedroom, and we truly needed each of them in our living room! WIN-WIN!)  

The former bedside table is now our 'media console' and holds all our DVDs, controllers, and our beloved Super Nintendo.  Many a date night has included an intense competition of Dr. Mario. 

To even out the height of the TV, I store our ottoman in front of the other window with two suitcases stacked on top.  Though the suitcases may look purely decorative, each serves a fantastic purpose!  The wicker suitcase holds our fireplace tools and firestarters, and the blue suitcase serves as our indoor toolbox.

The chest of drawers is a multi-purpose piece and holds everything from tupperware to canned food.  Our small kitchen doesn't have a pantry so we once again got creative with our space.

(The door you see next to the ottoman leads to our back porch!)

Though I am not a huge fan of our denim and white striped couches, I'm happy they add a little pizzazz to our place.  We'll just call them our conversation pieces.  (Y'all I'm pretty sure I saw these couches on Full House... haha.  They're timeless, right??)

Friends, I have a secret.  Our long couch (with the mirror above it) and the side tables are actually pulled out about a foot and a half from the wall.  What's behind them?  The real question is, what's NOT behind them?  We needed some easily accessible storage that's kid-proof, and this has been our best storage solution yet!  You do what you gotta do, peeps.

A sweet friend that shares my taste gave me that AWESOME metal art piece.  Isn't it fantastic??  For now it's mounted straight to the wall, but I have visions of painting it and mounting it to reclaimed wood!

Do you see my LAMP I posted about HERE and HERE?  I still haven't figured out what to do to make me completely happy with it.  {SIGH}  Someday.

Thanks for continuing the tour with us!  We love sharing our homes with you!  Plus, it gives me an excuse to clean up!  You better believe this isn't the everyday look of this room.  Picture crumbs all over EVERYTHING.  Toys and clothes spread across the floor.  Laundry folded (or not) on the couch.  Movie playing in the background.  Y'all, to keep it REAL, I recently found a VERY, VERY, VERY old half-eaten banana under the TV table.  

On that note, I'll let you move on with your day!

Thanks for reading, friends!

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