Thursday, April 10, 2014

Freezer Paper Stencil.....and Giveaway date announced!

Well, baseball season is upon us.

My oldest is playing for the first time, and I can honestly say, I had no idea how much it entailed.  (I think I owe my parents some extra thanks for running me and my two sisters around to our various sports and club meetings for years.  Whew!)

All that to say, we decided to let our oldest (who's only 14 months older) play something first.

I had no idea how much that would affect our youngest.  

They are so close in age that they do practically everything together, so I've tried to come up with some ways to make our youngest feel special while his older brother is getting to play a sport and get all new gear.

Don't get me wrong, J LOVES going to his brother's games, and I think it is good for them to do things separately, but I thought it would be fun for him to have a special shirt to wear to support the team.

PLUS, I've been itching to make my own Freezer Paper Stencil.

Win.  Win.

To begin, you'll need Freezer Paper (of course), fabric paint, and a sponge brush.

(You'll need an iron in a couple minutes, so get that ready.)

1.  This picture just shows the look I was going for.  I planned on using the stencil to create the same number as E's and then using the fabric pen (pictured above) to write 'Eli's Bro' above it.
2.  I cut a small piece of Freezer Paper and traced the two from the back of E's shirt.
3.  Cut out shape with scissors.
4.  Place and iron on Freezer Paper stencil to back of shirt.
5.  Use sponge brush to apply fabric paint.  I used a hair dryer to speed up the drying process because I wanted to do another layer of paint.  Use sponge brush to apply second layer of paint.
6.  Let it dry for 10 minutes or so before carefully removing stencil.

And you're done!

I think the fabric paint is supposed to set for 72 hours before being washed.

I haven't finished the lettering on the front and back but will post pictures as soon as I do!

This project was very simple.

Jessie used a similar process to make her boy and my two boys some Star Wars pajamas for Christmas.  She shirt has a Darth Vader silhouette and are by far my boys favorite thing to wear to bed.  She'll have to post hers soon!


Don't forget to check back Monday, April 21 for your chance to enter our Giveaway!

You don't want to miss it!


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