Thursday, April 3, 2014

DIY Faux Gel Manicure

Ok, y'all.

Just keeping it real.

I don't have the prettiest nails in the world.

But I also don't like acrylic nails either.  

And while I may splurge on a pedicure once or twice a year, I rarely ever spend money on a manicure.

(I think the last time was for youngest sister Aly's wedding in August.)

All that to say, I love the look of a manicure but don't want to spend the money constantly.

So, after perusing Pinterest and a few trial-and-errors, I came up with a process that lasts as close to a gel manicure as I could get.

Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps // American Classics Gelous // Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat //
OPI Nail Laquer in Bubble Bath // Orly Laquer in Halo

(And just a note to begin with, make sure each layer is pretty thin and wait around 3 minutes in between each coat)

Start with a layer of Sally Hansen 'Hard as Wraps' (found at Target).

(Since this nail color is semi-sheer, I wanted to include 3 coats of the actual color)

Next, one layer of OPI in Bubble Bath.
(By the way, I'm loving this soft neutral that has a slightly pink tint for Spring!)

One layer of American Classics Gelous (found at Sally Beauty Supply).

Second layer of OPI in Bubble Bath.

Second layer of American Classics Gelous.

Third layer of OPI in Gelous.

(I added an extra layer just on my ring fingers of Orly in Halo (found at Ulta).)

Lastly, I topped with Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

This is not exactly a super quick process, but I promise it lasts!  

Plus, if you give yourself a pedicure at the same time, by the time you complete a coat on all fingernails and toenails, it's time to start the next coat anyways.  

If you are using a nail color that isn't sheer, I would just omit the third layer of color.

Last time I did the pedicure with this process, it lasted a good 2 weeks without chipping!  

Happy Thursday, y'all!


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