Friday, October 25, 2013

-mini- Weekend Wear { Vol. XX }

button-up:  big bro's old shirt // jeggings:  Wal-Mart // boots:  Academy Sports // Necklace: self-made
This gal's ready for a fall weekend..

Not a care in the world..

Wearin' her mama's necklace..

Trompin' around like she's, "All that and a bag of chips"...
(Did I just totally age myself with that phrase??  I should see how often I can say that in everyday conversation and keep a straight face....)

Do your mini-me's like getting their hair done??  My gal is usually loves it.  We either watch a show with a snack OR sit in mommy's bathroom and play with my make-up brushes or whatever won't break.

I just did a french twist down either side and met the twists in the middle with a clear hairband.  I twisted her tiny pony into a bun and secured it with a couple bobby pins.

I usually spray down her hair (with water) first so it's easier to handle, and then I use a light hold hairspray to set it.

That's all for now folks!

What are you wearing this weekend??


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