Thursday, October 24, 2013

Boys' Bedroom Redesign

So, most of you readers know that we are in the process of selling our house and moving a town over.  

This means we are in the phase of trying to keep our house spotless so we can be out in a moment's notice for our house to be shown.  

While this is our main focus right now, what is also true is that we have 2 growing boys - 4 & 5 - and our 5 year old is pretty tall for his age.

SO.....they have been in "toddler" beds since they climbed out of their cribs (both at 14 months.....I'm not sure why I produce children so full of energy....they MUST get it from their dad :)

So that's been about 4 years for our oldest.

And his legs were almost off the end of the crib mattress.

(You can check out the boys room tour here.)

A friend VERY KINDLY gave us a bunk bed for our boys but it has been sitting in our garage because it wouldn't fit in their current room (because of the slanted ceilings) and I don't have time to completely move them to another room of the house.

After talking to my brilliant sister, she suggested I find out if our bunk beds could change into twin beds.

And, lo and behold, they could!  

So, I've been slowly buying bedding, sheets, mattress covers, etc. for the new room.

And this past week, we finally had everything we needed to complete their new room!

M and I started the process one day at nap and completed the whole disassembly and assembly of beds and decorating in 2 hours!  

(The animal heads on the pallets were a DIY of sorts that I will feature next week, so check back!)

My goal was to update their room with a design that they could grow into.

Have you done any room updates lately?


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