Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Lamp Revamp: { Part One of the Dramatic Tale }

Once upon a time I found a lamp at GoodWill.  It was cheap.  It worked.  It NEEDED some work.

And it came home with me...

Then it sat in the closet for a few months.

Then I decided to paint it:

Here she is 'before'.
I dusted her off, taped off the bronze accents, and covered her vital parts with plastic bags...

Using Rustoleum in White Gloss, I painted her up.... I paint her down... I painted her all around...

Can you fall in love with a lamp??

Um, yes.

"I love lamp."  -Brick, from Anchorman

I DO love lamp.

At least I DID until I put on the lampshade...

It's almost like seeing a girl that's wearing a skirt that's too short:  kinda awkward.


That's where I leave you:  with Part One of the Lamp Saga...

Stay tuned for my finishing touches on this here beauty... I can't wait to see what happens!  Because I literally don't know what's next yet! :)

OH.  And Happy Halloween/Happy Reformation Day/Happy October 31st/Happy Normal-Day-of-the-Week-if-Halloween-Ain't-Yo-Thang!!

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