Monday, August 26, 2013

Drab to Fab: Knotted Tee

What do you do 'dress up' a baggy T-shirt?

There's the 'front-tuck'...

And the 'full-tuck'...

And the 'embrace-the-Tee-and-wear-it-untucked'...

But MY personal favorite is:

The front knot.

EASY way to wear T-shirt and jeans AND still feel put together!

Here's how I knot my Tee:

1.  Using a clear plastic hair band, create a 'pony-tail' with the excess of your T-Shirt.

2. Twist the tail.

3.  Twirl the tail into a little circle/snail/knot.

4.  Tuck the end of the tail into the hair band.

I love wearing a baggy T-shirt with a skirt and knotting it at the front, too!

Do you wear the front-knot??

Thanks for reading!


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