Monday, July 8, 2013

Pallet Projects

Happy Monday ladies (and the few men who MAY stumble upon our blog by accident)!

I don't know about you, but I am obsessed with pallets right now because they are free, they are perfectly distressed, they're free, the options for building are endless, oh, and did I mention they are free?

Also, having a hubby that will take them apart for you is definitely icing on the cake.

(Seriously, just buy your man a sawzall-or a knockoff, like we did-and he'll happily chop up anything in his path.)

So, all of this pallet obsession has got me thinking about new projects as well as ones I've created in the past that I want to replicate.

Here are a few of my favorites:

1.  Pallet Sign - Attach boards together with 2 horizontal pieces across the back.  Hand letter your favorite quote, add a bunting banner, and a sawtooth hanger to the back for easy DIY art for your walls!

2.  Small Jewelry Holder - (The one pictured is not technically pallet wood but I plan to use it next time I make one for myself)  Knobs can be purchased from Hobby Lobby or Anthropologie.  Drill pilot holes, followed by countersink holes, and attach knobs.  Attach sawtooth hanger to back.  This is a cute way to display necklaces or bracelets!

3.  Large Jewelry Holder - Create sign like #1, then attach knobs like #2.  Attach 2 sawtooth hangers to back.  This is a larger piece that can hold large necklaces and used as a piece of art at the same time!

4.  Create sign like #1 and use as a backdrop for pictures!  (If you peruse our blog, you'll notice I've used this one many times!)

So, if you happen to see a pallet on the side of the road, don't pass it by!  

The possible pallet projects you can create are endless!


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