Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Elegant Flower Clip: A Tutorial

Love is in the air.

I know a few lovely ladies getting married soon...

And one of the brides-to-be asked me to make her something for her hair.

Although I had a picture of some she liked, I had to come up with my own assembly process!  And now I'd love to share it with YOU!

1. You'll need:
alligator clip
Candle and matches/lighter
hot glue

2.  Cut about 7 circles of chiffon about 2 1/2 in. diameter and about 5 circles of tulle the same size.  TOTALLY, roughly cut.. mine were more like octagons!

3.  Using a small flame, carefully melt the edges of each piece of chiffon and tulle.

4.  DON'T put the fabric IN the flame... just close enough for the edges to barely melt and curl up.

5.  Roughly stack the finished circles on top of each other.  The more random you stack them, the more they'll resemble real flowers!

6.  Tack all pieces together with your needle and thread.

7.  Use as many or as few beads as you'd like for the middle of the flower.  I wanted mine to have the clustered look.

8.  Cut a circle of felt (in a coordinating color) for the back of the flower.  Cut a slit just large enough to fit the back prong of the clip through.

9.  Hot glue the back of the felt (and clip) to the bottom of the flower.


Dress up your hair-do with some flower clips or give some to your favorite bride-to-be for her big day!

Thanks for reading!


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