Monday, June 24, 2013

Home Tour: Jess' House {Master Bedroom}

Although I'm happy with my bedroom right this moment, it's definitely in the 'not-quite-done' stage.  I don't necessarily have very specific ideas in mind for the 'finished product', but I don't just completely LOVE every tiny detail.

With that in mind...

I'm so grateful for our bedroom suit!  We have PLENTY of storage space with all of the drawers so we don't have to have random stuff piled all over the dresser.  (Notice that I said 'don't have to'... our room is usually the catch-all for normal days... if company comes over, I usually throw everything in our room and just close the door!)

Our super simple white quilt makes our bedroom very versatile... I feel like I can change things very easily without feeling like I want to buy brand new bedding!

Have y'all seen my pillow on Pinterest??  Chances are you've seen THIS tutorial before.  SO easy, so simple.  Mine's not as nice as the pin, but I used thicker material... it's seems like the thinner the material the better.

The wreath above my bed was made using faux pussy willow branches (Wal-Mart).  I stretched a wire hanger into a circle and just wrapped three branches around the circle.  This is one of the things I like ok in my room, but I would LOVE to hang a starburst mirror here instead.  I'd rather use my wreath on the front door!

(Excuse the the dark frame around the picture... no clue what happened!)

My beside tables get cluttered SO easily.  I decided that if I had trays on them I may keep them more organized.  Or the trays would just hide the junk I tend to throw on them...

I bought my cute coral lamp from a Facebook yardsale in my town.  Although I love the color, I'm pretty sure I want to paint it eventually..  I bought the gooseneck lamp from Goodwill WITHOUT a shade on it...  I thought I liked the look of it with the shade, but it's starting to just look out of place.  Any suggestions on what to use for a replacement shade? Or how to make one??

I just recently added the mirrors over my bedside table, and it's made a huge difference in the look of the room!  It's definitely made the room look a little bigger, and I LOVE the reflection of the lamps when they are on.  I loved the IDEA of the four mirrors paired together instead of one big one of the left side, but now that they are on the wall, I would like to add larger frames to them.

I haven't done much with my dresser... like I said, it's usually full of junk.  My lamps are boring (remember the lamps I mentioned in THIS post?), and it's just empty.. we'll see what happens there.

I absolutely LOVE my curtains!  You may remember my 'Choosing Fabric' post, and you can see the pattern close up.  The neutral colors make the pattern very, very subtle.

The chest of drawers (or better called 'Chester Drawers' here in the South) most recently held a large OLD school T.V.  That thing was a HUGE eyesore.. so for now, it houses a couple wedding photos of my boo and me. :)

Last, but not least, I have my photo wall... I made these burlap photo holders not too long after we moved in our house (about four years ago).  They've served us well.  I covered cardboard with burlap and added ribbon and photo corners.  I have yet to frame my nice prints... these are my cheap-o Wal-Mart prints and are not covered... my photographer was SOOO great y'all.  I still LOVE my pictures so much!

That's about it folks..

Check back to see more of my house! :)

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