Monday, June 10, 2013

Guest Post: Paint-Dipped Plant Stand with Cyntia!

Y'all are in for a treat today!  We have the lovely Cyntia here to share a fun project she recently did.  I love, love her fun style and am always looking forward to her new posts on her blog!!  So, without further adieu...

Hi there! I'm Cyntia and every once in a blue moon I blog over at I'm currently in the middle of planning my wedding & getting our newlywed home ready so when I was asked to share something, the only thing that came to mind was my new "nesting" hobbies. 

I have been lucky to find great deals while trying to fill the new space. Read "great deals=free". I am forever grateful for anyone who offers any of their treasures! My parents were getting rid of a stool they had in storage and of course, I snatched it! At first I thought I would recover but after my new plant obsession I decided to make better use of it.

My inspiration came from pinterest/instagram of course and all of the paint dipping trends. My resources came from a trip to Lowe's where I found a glaze that can dry to look like different metal textures. They have different kinds, but I chose the stainless steel one. I applied many coats because after all it is a "glaze" and had to wait 24 hours for the coats to dry. I wanted the black to be really matte so I used some leftover chalkboard paint that I've had for way too long(so thrifty). After I finally got it to look the silver I wanted, this is what it ended up looking like!

I love my new plant stand! I made a goal to add more green to my next home when I moved in April simply because it's pretty and because instagram seems to think it's the new hip thing to do... Let's be real here. So far I have had a mint plant that didn't make it through the move...or me not watering it. So then I went with succulents. I'm still new at the succulents and my mom gave me the vine plant that is hugging the stool leg over Memorial Day weekend's still early. Here's a pic of my succulents on an ottoman that I recently found at Target. Just for fun. Hop on over to my blog and check it out sometime. I can't promise there will be anything new but I will definitely try. 

PS, I have known the Of Dwelling and Dress sisters since we were eight years old! Love these girls and love this blog :) Thanks for having me. 

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Thanks, Cyntia!! We love you, too!! I LOVE the plant stand!! I pretty sure I need one now..

Thanks for reading, y'all!!  Remember to leave Cyntia a little love by visiting her blog or leaving a comment below!

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