Friday, May 3, 2013

Weekend Wear { Volume 5 }

Shirt - Handmade; Jeans - Wal-Mart; Floral Wedges - thrifted; Necklace - handmade (tutorial); Watch and bracelets - gift

It's raining.  And cold.  So the chances of me keeping this on all day is slim to none.  I'm pretty sure I'll be changing into pajama pants, sweatshirt, and socks VERY soon.

I'm not too sure about the pink lips and coral necklace together... if nude looked good on my lips, I'm pretty sure that's what I would have put on.  Instead I'm wearing nude on my toes! (Revlon ColorStay in Bare Bones.)

I have this thing about wearing something patterned if everything else is plain.  My floral wedges are my favorite spring shoe choice if I want a heel.  Otherwise I choose my leopard/cheetah (not sure which one!) print flats to add a pattern to a plain outfit.

I love, love to layer bracelets.  It's pretty hard to go wrong when layering bracelets... it always adds a little interest to an otherwise boring outfit!

I found the inspiration for making my shirt from Cotton & Curls.  She has a few very, very easy shirt tutorials that you should check out!  I ended combining a couple different methods and ideas she had to come up with my own version.


Rox inspired me to share the joys of taking your own pictures... it's definitely the most awkward, ridiculous process... so here are what the bulk of my photos end up looking like:
1.  Umm, what is this??  In my defense, it was raining... I got caught up in the moment...
2.  Why in the world did this even happen??  Is that even a real pose??  Wow.
3.  I guess I was caught up in the moment here, too???  Must've been singing, "I whip my hair back and forth..."

Thanks for reading!  What are you wearing this weekend?  

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