Monday, May 6, 2013

Making Skinny Jeans.. Skinnier!

For those that have not been blessed with muscular calves, you may have found yourself in a similar position as myself:  every pair of skinny jeans I've ever tried on are way to baggy on the lower half.  They end up looking weird and boxy.. and half the time I find myself changing into other pants because I don't like how they look on me.

"If there was a problem, YO, I'll solve it..."

Get out your sewing machine, turn on some Vanilla Ice, and skinnify your jeans!

1. With your pants on inside out, pin your jeans to the tightness you would like starting at the thigh (or at the point that the bagginess begins).  Point the pin UP so you can remove your jeans without stabbing yourself with every pin.  Safety first peeps!  *Sidenote:  Pin on the OUTside seam of your pants.*

2.  Once again, start at the thigh or highest point, and straight stitch down to the cuff.

3.  I had just enough excess material to cut off on the side so I zig-zag stitched the raw edge to prevent fraying (or serge it if you have a serger!).

4.  I'm short.  I also needed to hem my pants a little.  Fold the cuff under twice, ironing on each fold.  I just like to iron down the cuff so I don't have to use as many pins!

5.  Pin the cuff in place and straight stitch around the top edge.

6.  Try your pants on and admire your greatness! :)

How easy is that??  Don't search for the perfect pair of pants anymore... I know I will never find them!  I love altering my own clothes because I can make them fit EXACTLY how I want them!

Side note:  If you ever find a pair of jeans or pants that are a little too big from waist down, don't pass them by too quickly!  If you think it's worth the gamble (especially if they're thrifted!), try using the same process I used only starting at the very top of the pants!  It's a TOTALLY unprofessional way of taking in pants, but it works just fine!  I've done it and was very satisfied with the result!

OK, go skinnify your pants.

Top - Marshall's || Pants - Wal-Mart || Flats - Target || Jacket - Thrifted || Necklace - Handmade

Y'all, this method works just fine with bootcut or flared jeans as well.  You will just be taking off more material!

Let us know if you try it out!

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