Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Guest Bedroom Update (Rox)

Our guest bedroom/soon-to-be nursery has been the catch-all junk room since we moved into our home almost 4 years ago.  And FINALLY, with the help of mystery sister #3 (who WILL post soon, I'm certain) last Fall, we finally got a fresh coat of paint on the walls and trim.  

By the way, who decided it was a good idea for the trim of a new-ish construction house to be painted the same butter yellow as the builder's grade paint on the walls?


In every. single. square. inch. of. the. entire. house.

Terrible idea.

Especially because painting trim takes FOREVER.

End rant.

And back to the guest room.

So, we used leftover paint from our Master Bedroom.  The color is Sherwin Williams Rain that we had matched in Home Depot's Behr paint.  And it was 100% copied from my second mom's home.  This was the first blue I have ever liked on the walls, and with its gray undertones, it creates such a calming atmosphere.  Our Master Bedroom has been painted this color for about 3 1/2 years now, and I still love it.

I always forget what a difference a new paint job can do to a room.  For one thing, it gives it a fresh clean slate and helps jumpstart the decorating process and finishing up the room.  

This room is far from complete, but I love seeing how a room can be transformed, so I thought you might too!

Paint: Sherwin Williams Rain matched in Behr \\ Pillow: TJ Maxx clearance \\ Quilt: Target clearance

The main things I have done are purchase a couple new accessories.  I picked up the quilt first from Target and then the pillow for from TJ Maxx.  Both were on clearance for over 50% off and ones that I had been eyeing for some time.  So, if you see something you really like, hold out for a little while and usually you can catch it on sale!

These are the items I had for the room.  And actually I bought the curtains first.  

And here's the story.

My husband and I recently went to Atlanta for a conference and the one thing I wanted to do while we were there was go to the infamous Ikea.

And being the loving husband that he is, he obliged.

(I'm sure he was still being loving, but let me be honest.  He was probably sick and tired of hearing me meantion, "I really want to go to Ikea.  Wouldn't it be cool to check out Ikea?  I've heard so much about Ikea and have been dying to visit.  If I had one wish in all the world it would be to see Ikea first hand.  Ikea.  Ikea.  Ikea.  IIIIKKKKEEEEAAAA."  I don't blame the poor guy for doing anything it took so that the word "Ikea" would never be uttered from my lips again.)

So, Ikea was amazing.

And overwhelming.

But amazing.

And I spotted these curtains about half way through the store and thought they would fit nicely in my carry-on bag my husband's carryon bag on the way home.  Because, who am I kidding? There is NEVER any room in mine.  And I thought they would go perfectly with our paint color.  So, I bought 2 pairs.  

I hung one pair up in the guest room.  The other stayed in the package.

And here's another thing about these curtains.  I don't have anything else in the color red in my entire house, so they kind of feel out of place.  And secondly, I am not naturally drawn to the color red, so I couldn't ever find any accessories (pillows, rugs, lamps, etc.) that I really liked.  So, as you can see, they don't go with the other things I have bought for the room since then (see picture above).

But, I do LOVE the pattern and if I could make them work in my house, I would. 

And I'm SURE one of you could totally make them look amazing if your house.

{ And if you happen to need more than 2 pairs of these curtains, they are currently sold on Ikea's website, for $14.99 a pair but with a shipping cost of $11.00, making them $25.99 a pair.  So, you are definitely getting a deal here, but they are still available if you need more or don't win these!  And they can give you a few more details about the curtains. }

So, with that being said, I am selling them to the first reader that emails us at

2 pairs available (each panel measures 57" x  98"):  1 opened package $18 - FREE SHIPPING //
1 New in package $20 - FREE SHIPPING // Both Pairs: $35 - FREE SHIPPING

I will respond to your email and let you know you've won the items and ship them ASAP.  Again, first come, first serve.  If you do not receive an email back, they have already been claimed.  I will bill you through PayPal as soon as I hear from you!

Have you done any redecorating lately?  What colors are you naturally drawn to?



  1. In case you decide to do some more trim-painting. My painter of a brother swears the best way to do it is Trim THEN Walls....I would never have thought it would be easier that way but totally is. Just food for thought if you didn't know ;)

  2. Thanks Sherri! Yes, after making the mistake of painting walls then trim in numerous rooms, we figured out that's the best way too! It seems backwards but totally works!