Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bunting & Streamers { Tutorial: Five Ways! }

Summer brings opportunities for backyard BBQ's and dinner parties!

And what's a party without decorations??
(Umm, I guess it's still a party...)

Add a little flare with some homemade bunting or streamers!

Here's how:

1. You will need a little bit of fabric, string (or yarn or twine..), scissors, and hot glue.
2.  Fold your fabric with wrong sides facing together, create a crease (with an iron if you want), and cut as many strips as you would like to have on your finished bunting.  Mine were 3-ish inches wide and just under 4 inches long.  You can see where I marked the two different types of bunting you can then cut!
3.  To make things a little easier and quicker, fold each strip in half (length-wise) and cut your diagonal.
4.  Continue to create your flags until you have as many as you'd like.  I made about 10 of the traditional triangle-shaped flags and about 8 of the other flags.
5.  Unfold each flag and lay them out to figure out how long you will need to cut your string.  Go ahead and leave them spaced-out.
6.  Squeeze a strip of hot glue along the crease, lay your string down, and fold the fabric back with the wrong sides facing together again.  Leave a little length on each end of your string so you can hang your banner when you're done!

1.  You'll need scrap fabric, scissors, and string.
2.  Cut 2 squares for each flower pouf.  I cut 24 squares for 12 flowers each 2 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches.
3.  For each flower pouf, lay 2 squares cat-a-corner on top of each other.
4.  Pinch the squares in the middle and gather it into a little point.
5.  Tie your string into a knot to secure the flower pouf.  I found the easiest way to do this is to go ahead and make a loose loop in the string, stick the point into the loop, and then pull it tight.
6.  Turn the flower over and "floof" it up a little bit!  After tying all of your flowers, remember to leave a little length of string so you can hang up your garland!

*Original tutorial found HERE*

1.  You'll need tissue paper, string, scissors, and hot glue.
2.  Unfold the tissue paper all the way.  Considering that each large sheet will make four tassels, keep as many large sheets stacked as you will need.  Cut the large sheets into quarters.
3.  Fold each quarter in half.
4.  Cut the tissue paper into fringe starting on the OPEN side of the paper; NOT on the fold.  Leave about an inch and a half at the top of the folded paper.
5.  Unfold the sheet and lay it it flat.
6.  Roll the tissue paper down the middle with the fringe out on either side.  DOES NOT have to be perfectly rolled.
7.  Twist the middle of the rolled paper in middle until you get to the fringe on either side.
8.  Twirl the twist (that's a moutful!) into a loop and secure the loop together with a dot of hot glue.
9.  After you've made all your tassels, string them onto your twine or yarn and secure the tassels in place with a knot.  Remember to leave a little extra length on each end of your streamer for hanging it up!

Although I don't have any pictures of the creative process, this garland is VERY easy.  (And is probably self-explanatory by the picture!)

- Cut or tear varying lengths of different kinds of fabric.
(I used everything from muslin to chiffon to cotton...)
- Cut your sting or twine to the length you'd like for your garland to be plus some for hanging.
- Starting in the middle, tie the longest pieces of fabric into knots onto the string.
- Keep tying in ascending length until you reach the end of your string or your fabric supply!!

Now it's time to plan a summer get-together!

Thanks for reading!!

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