Monday, April 8, 2013

Rhinestone Statement Necklace {Tutorial}

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I saw THIS pin awhile back and absolutely LOVED the concept... T-shirt and rhinestones!  The bling isn't just for prom anymore!

And since I don't want to spend $50 or more on a necklace, I thought I'd make my own!

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- I found all my supplies at Wal-Mart.. but for those of you lucky enough to have a JoAnn's or Michael's nearby, I would check there first!

- One large rhinestone button (star-shaped)
-Four medium pearled buttons
-Twelve small rhinestone buttons
-Hot glue gun

1.  First, I had to cut off the loops on the backs of the buttons.  The small and medium-sized buttons were easy since they were plastic.  I ended up leaving the loop on the the back of the large one since it was metal.
2.  I played around with countless different layouts of the buttons before I decided on this one, but I did make sure to take a picture of the layout I liked best so I could refer back to it.
3.  Being careful not to burn my fingers, I glued each of the buttons onto the felt.  I made sure that you couldn't see any of the glue from the front view.  Use small dots!
4. I carefully cut around the buttons leaving a small "frame" of felt around all of the buttons.
5.  Finally, I glued two strips of ribbon to the back of the felt piece.  You COULD glue the ribbon between the felt and the buttons once you've decided the placement and start gluing the buttons down.  I meant to do this but just forgot to follow through with it!

Turn a pair of jeans and a V-neck T-shirt into FAB with your new Rhinestone statement necklace!!  

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You can literally change your outfit from plain to WOW with something like this!

Thanks so much for reading!!  Our hope is always to inspire you to create, too!  Let us know if you've tried any of our projects!!  We would LOVE to see what you're doing!!


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