Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Printed Tee {using fabric markers}

I can't find fabric PAINT anywhere.. ok, I've found it online, but I don't really want to buy it online... I've tried (and FAILED) to dilute acrylic paint with water... and I would love to use a fabric paint medium and mix it with the acrylic paint I already have... but I can't find it in any stores (available to me).

As I perused the kids' art aisle at Wal-Mart recently, I found that Crayola makes their own fabric markers!  I heard people ranting and raving about Sharpie's new fabric markers, but wouldn't you know?  I can't find those either... SO.

*get to the point, Jess*
(I can hear Rox or Aly telling me this at this point... taking way too long to tell a story... including details that don't REALLY matter to the outcome... deciding to tell details that make me think of something ELSE... and that makes me want to tell a quick side-story... then I totally forget what I was talking about in the first place... everyone is left completely un-interested... like right now.  Oops.)

I BOUGHT THE MARKERS.  Bet you didn't guess that, did you??

Here's what I did:

1.  Supplies:  T-shirt, fabric markers, freezer paper, iron.

2.  Decide what you want to write on the shirt.  I typed out 'bonjour.' using a font I liked so I could have a good visual of placement and spacing.  Cut out a piece of freezer paper that will be about the size of the finished print.  Place the freezer paper INSIDE the shirt with the waxy side facing UP.  Using the cotton setting, iron on the outside of the shirt until the waxy side of the paper adheres to the inside.  The paper will now act as a stabilizer AND will prevent the ink from leaking through to the back of the shirt.

3.  I started writing with the middle letter so it would be centered.  Using a straight edge (clipboard) as a guide, I wrote the phrase out.  I ended up going over the letters again to make them thicker.  

4.  You can definitely tell it's hand written.. look at the funky O's and spacing.  BUT, I'm not too worried it.  Follow the directions on your marker box for setting the ink.  (I removed the freezer paper and ironed from the inside of the shirt over the lettering for four minutes.)


Now it's time to style your new shirt!

I also made a shirt for the little guy!

I think he likes it.

I haven't washed them yet since you have to wait at least 48 hours to do so.  I'll report back with the durability of the ink!

Have you had good experiences with fabric markers??  I would LOVE to see what you've done!!

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*Inspiration for Jess' Tee found HERE*

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