Monday, April 15, 2013

In My Makeup Bag....

Hi guys, Rox here.  

Jess's original 'In My Makeup Bag' post was so well viewed, that we thought we should have a Round 2 (not to compete with the amazing Round 1)!

BUT, before I do, I wanted to second the Maybelline BB Cream and Tresseme Dry Shampoo.  I currently have the BB cream and use it daily and have used the dry shampoo in the past.  So, if you overlooked those two (and the other items in Jess's makeup bag that I had to pick up after the post), you can check it out here.

1.  Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion - Eyeshadow Base - This stuff is amazing!  You put on a TINY amount - meaning a year and a half ago I bought 2 tubes and still have about half of one left - and it prevents creasing and helps your eyeshadow stay in place.  I especially like using this in the summer when my makeup seems to melt off my face.  It's not cheap, but lasts FOREVER.  (The link above is for the exact kind I have which has been discontinued, so it's a little cheaper.  The new one is in a squeeze tube and can be found here.)  

2.  Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner in brown/black - I think someone mentioned another eyeliner in a comment last time that they really like (and I'll have to try it), but the one I love right now is this one!  It stays in place ALL DAY and doesn't smudge.  This is the closest thing to a waterproof eyeliner pencil that still goes on pretty smoothly.

3.  Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Neutralizer Concealer - While I am getting older, I mainly use this concealer because of the applicator not for the age rewinding capabilities as much.  One complaint I have of concealers is that they are thick and hard to blend in with the rest of your makeup without it being obvious you are trying to 'hide' something.  This concealer goes on thinly but still covers everything you need to.  It is recommended for under eye area, but I use it on all my 'trouble spots' and it works great.

4.  L'OREAL The One Sweep Sculpting Blush Duo in Posh/Chic - I don't use the brush that comes with the Blush because I felt like it created too drastic of a line down my cheek.  Instead, I use a fluffy blush brush.  You have to make sure the angle is correct (from right under your cheekbone to right in front of your ear), but the colors complement well leaving you with a 'sculpting' effect for half the cost.

5.  CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara in Waterproof Very Black - I LOVE this stuff.  I have tried many other kinds and nothing compares.  Again, I like waterproof makeup especially on the eyes so you don't have to worry about your makeup running down your face when it rains, when your eyes water, or heaven forbid, you cry in public (y'all all know the crier that I am....ha!).  This is my #1 favorite makeup on this list.  

What are your favorite items in your makeup bag?

** Like Jess, I am in no way being compensated for these reviews.  I just like them enough to pass on the information!


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