Monday, March 4, 2013

Rugged Planter Box {from pallet wood}

*Warning:  I DO NOT have a green thumb.  I AM NOT an expert on greenery, shrubbery, cactery, flowery, stickery, etc.  I obviously don't even know the correct term-ery.*

I decided it was time to try to use real, live plants in my home.  They are so much more welcoming than... well, dead plants?  Anyway, I thought a small investment in small house plants($3.50 per tiny plant at Wal-Mart!), rather than buying an expensive flower plant that's obviously more beautiful, was worth a try!  Ask me in a couple weeks if they are still alive!  BUT, the best part was deciding what to PUT them in... 

I found a local office supply store that was willing to let me take however many pallets I wanted (SCORE!) since they just throw them out..

 1.  My good-lookin', workboot and dress sock-wearin' hubby helped me pull off a few boards to use for my project.  We ended up using a circle saw to saw off each end and pulling/prying the middle of the boards off.  (*NOTE:  Our pallet ended up being made of CEDAR.  I LOVE the look, but the cedar wood is SO much more dense and made it harder to pull out nails.  The age and type of wood will decide how easy it will be to take apart your pallet!)

2.  I used two boards measuring 15 1/2 x 3 1/2 in. (sides), one board measuring 14 1/2 in. (bottom), and 2 small boards measuring 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 in. (ends).  I also needed a handful of nails, hammer, sisal rope or twine, and (not pictured) a sander/sandpaper and drill.

 3.  After sanding down the edges, corners, and splintery places, I laid out all the wood.

4.  I first nailed down the square pieces to each end of the bottom piece.  I used 2 or 3 nails on each side.

5.  Next, I nailed each side board onto the bottom and end pieces (arrows indicate approximately where I nailed).

 6.  Next, I drilled 2 holes in each end piece for the rope handles.  The size of the drill bit you choose will depend on the thickness of the rope/twine you use.

7.  Finally, I threaded the twine through the holes and tied knots in the ends to make handles.  I ended up stringing 3 pieces of twine together for each handle.

Now, fill your little planter box with cute little plants!!  I will have my planter box inside so I chose plants that require "low light" and little maintainence.  I still need to line the inside of my box with plastic so the wood doesn't stay wet on the bottom.

(After reading my plant instructions again, I realized that the two plants on either end {Baby Jade} require "high light"... whoops!  I'm assuming they won't last too long inside... Just for your info, the speckled leaf plant is "Philodendron 'Silver'", and the pointy-leafed plant is "Sansevieria".)

I LOVE that this was a 'free' project!  I guess I bought the plants, but the planter was made from things I already had!  You could always fill it with fresh flowers from your yard (or your neighbors!), fill it with smooth stones and nestle tea lights in it, OR just use it to store your candy stash!

What other ways could you use your "Rugged Planter Box"?  Share your ideas with us!

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  1. You're right... He is good looking!

  2. I have a baby Jade plant on my bedside table and I always forget to open the blinds at all. So far it's like 4 or 5 months strong! I think they'll do great inside!

  3. I love it! Mother's Day is just around the corner...hint, hint!

  4. Mr. Unknown, you're a little vain there!

    Rox, ok, maybe I should keep them! I thought about taking them back...

    Mom, hint taken!! :)