Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Coffee Table Photo Book DIY

Every Christmas (or New Year's.....depending on how together I am that year), my family tries to send out a photo card of our family.  Which, in turn, means we receive them as well.

{Side note: How strenuous is the process of finding the perfect Christmas/New Year's card picture?  I mean, seriously.  Since my kids are still fairly young, we are limited to pictures within a couple month time frame to ensure that they currently look similar to the picture.  Which, limits our already limited pool.  So, we have very few pictures (and 4 people in the family.....I highly respect all you families larger than mine who manage to find a great picture).  So, you sift through and find about 5 that even contain all members of the family.  The dog would bring the picture count to zero, so she's out.  Now, to find one that has the most people looking at the camera, let alone smiling.  Who do you forfeit?  The kids?  The parents?  Then, if the most family members you can find looking at the camera is one less than your family's total count, which picture contains the person that looks the best while they are NOT looking at the camera.  After all, we don't want that person to be crying or looking totally unhappy.  EVEN THOUGH, we all know that in order to have a decent family picture, there were tears involved at some point.  Oh the toil and tribulation we put ourselves through to have that one one, oh-so-unnatural moment captured in time!}

With that being said, I do love sending out a Christmas cards with all of our smiling faces.  
But even more than sending them out, I love getting all of our friends and family's cards in the mail!  There's something magical about snail mail.  (That was probably a weird way to put it, but you get the gist.) 

I love seeing how my friends have changed, how the kids have grown, and getting to display them as part of my Christmas decor.

BUT, I hate throwing them away after Christmas is over.  (Although, for all those who sent us a card this year, we proudly displayed them into the beginning of March on our stairwell wall.  A combination of love and laziness allowed that little miracle to happen.)

Then I remembered that my youngest sister Aly (our mystery sister) had mentioned one time that a friend of hers kept the cards and displayed them year after year on her coffee table.  That always stuck with me as such a great idea and memorable conversation piece for future years.  

So, I decided to finally take mine down from the wall, and make a coffee table photo book that I could put with my Christmas boxes in the attic and bring down each year.  

I first gathered all the cards and punched holes, equal distanced apart, on one end.

 Then, I created a cover in an editing program on my computer, printed it out, and (surprise, surprise!) laminated it.  

I punched holes in the edge just like the actual pictures and tied it together with bakers' twine.  That's it!  

Now I don't have to throw the Christmas cards away and can reminisce in years to come!

It's never too late for a good Christmas project, right?!?


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  1. GREAT idea! And now that I have my very own laminating machine... I can do it! Just have to make sure a certain someone didn't pitch all of our cards ;)

  2. The laminating machine is good for so many things! Send us a picture if you make one!

  3. Love this idea:) And love those handsome boys on that card:)