Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hand Embroidered Dish Towels

Disclaimer:  I am probably not going to use the correct terms or technical wording as I describe how I made these.  And I know I didn't do these in the correct way either.  

Just wanted to get that out there before I explained how to make these.  It makes me feel better in case some professional happened to view our blog.  Ha.....who am I kidding.  

So, first I purchased these flour sack dish cloths from Target.  I think they came in a pack of four.  Pretty cheap and they are about twice the size of regular dish cloths.  And I love the crinkly, vintagy feel they have to them.  

First step to any type of sewing project is to wash and dry (if applicable) the fabric.  That way any shrinking that may happen will do so BEFORE you start sewing.  

Because I like they way these look kind of crinkled and old, AND more importantly, because I DETEST ironing, I skipped that step.

Next, I put the cloth on a flex hoop (I was only familiar with these because of my nerdy cross-stitching days in elementary school.  I mean y' elective summer school, where you could take fun classes, like a circus class or dance.....I chose a math class and cross-stitching class.  What was I thinking?  Man, oh, man.  But, I digress.)

The flex hoop stretches out out the fabric to make it flat. 

 I then used free hand to draw the picture/wording with one of those blue sewing markers that disappears when you put water on it.  

Then, I pulled out another skill I learned in cross-stitching - back-stitching.  I back-stitched the entire thing, knotting it at either end.

Again, I know this is probably not the correct way to do this, but I like the end product and I think the imperfection of it all adds to the least that's what I tell myself.

And, TADA.......

These make inexpensive gifts for friends, teachers or family members and the stitching holds up really well to washing so far.  Quick and easy project if you have less than an hour to spare!


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