Thursday, November 8, 2012

Old Purse to New Clutch

I've recently been inspired by the envelope-style, over-sized clutches that are popping up everywhere.  They are big enough to hold all the essentials but compact enough to... well... clutch!

I found an old purse that I'm pretty sure I bought from the thrift store and decided it needed a better purpose than sitting in a drawer. 

1. First I cut the bottom (circle-shaped), straps, and drawstrings off the purse. I essentially cut out a square shape (along the dotted lines) so I ended up with 6 pieces: 2 fake leather, 2 fusible webbing, and 2 lining.
2. You can kind of see in the second picture (on the left piece) a piece of cardboard.  I knew I needed a stabilizer (the fake leather is pretty flimsy) so I used a Ritz cracker box! Notice that I gave myself 1/2 in. or so with the cardboard so I didn't have to sew through it.
3. Place right sides of the liner and fake leather together (with webbing on the outside or WRONG side of fake leather) and straight stitch across the TOP. (You can see the BACK side of the pocket in the liner).  Do this for what will be the front and back of purse.
4. Lay both sides with RIGHT sides of the liner lined up and RIGHT sides of the fake leather lined up. (It will be in the shape of a rectangle.)  Place your stabilizer/Ritz cracker box pieces between webbing and fake leather. Pin around the outside of the rectangle.
5. Straight stitch about 1/4 in. from the edge leaving a gap at the bottom of the liner.  I left about half of it open as you can see in the picture, but I would recommend leaving the entire bottom side of the liner open.  It was pretty difficult to get the cardboard through that hole!
6. After turning the purse RIGHT side out, sew the lining closed and stuff it into the purse.
7.This is NOT shown, but for the top flap, I pieced together some of the side pieces that I cut off (when I made the purse into a square..) to make it the length and width I wanted.  Mine flaps over about halfway down the front side.
8. I wanted to use the original magnetic snap closure, but I broke it as I was removing it.  Instead, I used one snap fastener on the front to close the purse (Although it probably doesn't NEED a closure.)  I failed to realize how incredibly difficult it would be to sew through all the fabric AND the cardboard to attach the flap so I improvised once again. I used 3 snap fasteners to attach it on the back. It's a little unsightly, but I don't think anyone will see it much!

And here it is! I would have LOVED to use a fun color...But, when you're shopping in your OWN closet and drawers you just use what you have!

I would LOVE to hear if you try to make your own!  Let me know if you have any questions!


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