Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Master Bedroom Mood Board

Have you ever visited Polyvore?  I think I might me in love.  Its a website where you can browse or create your own mood board for home, outfits, etc.  It's really helpful to find similar looking things that you have in your room to begin with and then try out different colors and patterns  with them BEFORE actually making a purchase you might regret.  (I emphasized the BEFORE, because, sadly, I have been in that situation more times than I can name.)

We have lived in our current house for over 3 years now, and for some reason, our room has turned into the "catch all" room.  Everyone has one.  The room that you throw all of your junk in when someone comes over, lock when you leave the kids with a babysitter, don't let the kids in because they might get in to "something dangerous".  (Wait.  Please don't tell me it's just me.)  Well, I thought it was about time to change all that.

So, I created a mood board for what I HOPE my room to look like when I am done.  I'll show some progress pictures and any updates as I go along.  Happy Decorating everyone!

{ And I just wanted to point out that I do not and will not be using these exact items -- especially that $648 lamp -- sheesh -- but will be doing these on the cheap and getting inspiration from these items to redo or make my own!  For example, my lamps came from Gordman's on sale for $6 each that I spray painted and will recover the shade.  Just didn't want to give you folks the wrong idea. }

Master Bedroom

The rustic full length mirror didn't show up with a link for some reason, but it can be found here.  There's a tutorial on how to make it for $15!  I may be working on that soon!

Happy Decorating!


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  1. Ok, now you need to just come decorate MY bedroom!! I love it all!!